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11 October 2012 @ 11:54 pm
Title: The RomCom Conundrum
Author: mahmfic
Character(s)/Pairing(s): 9th Doctor/Rose/Jack
Rating: PG
Word Count: 570
Summary: Rose, the Doctor and Jack are watching a romantic comedy movie. Jack makes a bet that benefits them all.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
04 May 2012 @ 07:24 am
Title: King of Wank
Author: mahmfic
Beta: czarina_kitty
Pairing(s): None.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Set between 'The Doctor Dances' and 'Bad Wolf'.
Summary: The new member aboard the TARDIS has some wild stories to tell.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.

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Today (April 16) is the last day for the initial discussion on the theme and type of fest we're having before the poll goes up. If you want to throw your thoughts into the ring as well, click on the banner below!

If you are not already a member of torchwood_fest and want to join, you MUST have an age statement (full birth date or 'I am over 18') on your profile page in order for your membership to be approved! You will not be able to see most entries until you are a member.

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The Doctor Who Meta Community is a weekly discussion comm that sponsors topics relating to both Nu Who and Classic Who. Every Monday is a new topic relating to Nu Who, and every Wednesday is a new topic relating to Classic Who.

This week, we discuss Jack's immortality, and how it relates to his relationship with Rose. Feel free to come give your thoughts!
13 January 2012 @ 11:08 am

It's time to claim a prompt for our Post Christmas Blues Fest! It's the only time of year that we allow crossovers! We have prompts from all sorts of fandoms big and small. Go check it out here and claim your favorite.

-We accept fanfiction, art, and for a limited trial time fanvids!

-You must be a member of the community to claim a prompt. But becoming a member is easy, just go to our profile page.
08 January 2012 @ 08:03 am
Today, January 8, 2012, is the last day we're accepting prompts for our Post Christmas Blues Fest at torchwood_fest.

This is the only fest in which we allow crossovers. Do you want to see Torchwood with Glee? Torchwood with Sherlock? Torchwood with The Adventures of Tintin? The only way for that to happen is to prompt for it here. You can give as many prompts as you'd like. And remember for this fest Doctor Who and any other Whoverse shows count as crossovers.

18 November 2011 @ 03:24 pm

Ho Ho Ho! adventchallenge is pleased to announce that sign-ups for its 2011 Xmas Round are open until the 30th of November. We want to make this year bigger and better than ever, and the most important part of that is you guys, which is why we're inviting every artist and writer who wants to take part to come along and sign up!

What is the Advent Challenge? Simply put 25 stories or artworks posted in the 25 days running up to Christmas. We're a multi-fandom challenge, and although we focus on Yaoi pairings, Het and Yuri are welcome too. For more information or just to have a nose at some of last year's excellent entries go to adventchallenge or go straight to How to Advent. Hope to see you there and looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you come up with this holiday season!
Title: Man That I've Become
Pairings: Jack/Ninth Doctor, Ninth Doctor/Rose, Jack/Rose
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Drabble-a-Day 2011. Day 276. Prompt from dw100. Challenge #368-Colour. Written for joanne_c, who suggested the Ninth Doctor and Green. Beta by hllangel. Comments and concrit welcome.
Summary: The Doctor faces an unpleasant fact.
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24 July 2011 @ 11:15 am
Hi friends.

I'm currently writing a Jack/Rose story I need a beta for. It's a post-Alt!Doomsday Torchwood crossover of sorts.

I need someone to proofread, obviously, but I'd also like someone I can bounce ideas off of, someone who can politely tell me if they think something doesn't work, someone who can help me keep things canon to the DW/TW universe (except the stuff that's supposed to be AU, of course) since I'm relatively new to the shows and this is my first fic for this fandom. Someone who can answer Brit-pick questions would be nice. Most importantly, someone who doesn't mind reading smut (and smut that doesn't involve The Doctor. This is not going anywhere near OT3 territory because there's tons of those already), because I can almost guarantee that the story's going to head there eventually.

If you're interested, let me know! Thanks!
Title: Ulysses (10/?)
Author: aibhinn
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Rose, Jack, Ten (will end up OT3); the Firefly crew.
Spoilers: DW through Journey's End, TW through Children of Earth, and all aired Firefly canon, including episodes and the movie Serenity.
Betas: larielromeniel and canaana, though I did some editing after I got it back from them, so if I messed it up, it's not their fault!
Summary: After the death of the blue-suited Doctor, an immortal Rose uses the dimension cannon to teleport herself back into her home universe. Or should that be 'Verse? Crossover with Joss Whedon's Firefly.
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. I promise to put everything back where I found it.
Author's Note: I am SO SORRY for how long this has taken. Please believe me when I say I never quite gave up on it; it just took me a long time to work through a serious block, as well as through the morass of busy-ness my RL became. I promise to finish this story. I absolutely swear. Thanks for not giving up on me—even when it's been almost a year and a half since my last update!

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9

Chapter 10 (finally!) this way...