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available_very's Journal

Available_Very: A Jack/Rose Community
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Hi! We're un_sedentary and nnwest, and we're your friendly mods. Since there is dire need for and a painful lack of Jack/Rose shippiness in this fandom, we're spreading the love. There is not enough of this lovely ship happening!

So, all aboard with Captain Jack.

Standard rules/guidelines:

- fanvids are welcome and encouraged.
- graphics are also welcome and encouraged. Large ones (more than 200x200) should be under cuts, and multiple images should also be under cuts. The standard three icon teasers are okay.
- fanfic should be cut and labeled.
- spoilers should be cut and labeled - including icons and fanfic. Spoilers are the current season of Doctor Who and the current season of Torchwood (this means the last one to air).
- and, of course, adult material should definitely be cut and labeled.
- This is a primarily Jack/Rose commuity, but OT3 fic is not discouraged. Certainly fic that starts out with Jack/Rose, for instance, is great. For primarily OT3 fic, however, there is better_with_3.
- Any type of Jack/Rose ship is acceptable - friendship, lovey-dovey romance, smut, bring it on.

The LJ-cut tag:
<lj-cut text="your link here"> text </lj-cut>
OR the simpler
<lj-cut> text </lj-cut>.

Other communities you might be interested in:
time_and_chips - a Rose/Doctor shipping community.
better_with_3 - an OT3 (Jack/Rose/Doctor) shipping community.
doctorslashjack - a Doctor/Jack shipping community.
galactic_conman - a Captain Jack community.
rose_lives - a Rose Tyler community.
tw_archives - a Torchwood fanfic community.
jack_in_cuffs - A sister community to tw_archives, for the darker and more sexually explicit fanfic.
dwfiction - a general Doctor Who fanfic community.

For anything, contact us:
un_sedentary - stars_julie [at] hotmail [dot] com
nnwest - available_very.20.nnwest [at]neverbox [dot] com

Have fun shipping. :)